who_we_areBRMA is Northern California's largest business recovery association. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to most BRMA members, but we do have a small number of members in other areas of the world.


BRMA is a non-profit association founded in 1993.  Activities of the association are directed by the elected officers to help the members stay informed about trends in the business continuity profession.

Meetings are held once a month at various locations.

Membership meetings feature knowledgeable speakers and hands-on workshops.  Topical information and reference materials are available.

Our programs promote knowledge sharing for all levels of expertise.  One of the goals of BRMA is to provide useful tools that the members can apply to their jobs, and to their professional growth.  Membership feedback guides the Board of Directors in planning the organization's activities.


BRMA members are recovery professionals in the private and public sectors. The experience level of BRMA members range from Master Business Continuity Professionals with a dozen or more years experience, to the novice who just learned last week that they are going to do some recovery planning.

Many of our planners are responsible for data center recovery planning. Others plan for recovery of business units. And some are the focal point for all contingency planning in their company.

Some of the jobs/positions held by BRMA members are:

  • Corporate or department planners
  • Vendors of recovery products, services and supplies
  • Educators, consultants, and others with responsibilities related to contingency planning


BRMA welcomes vendors of products, services, supplies related to contingency planning, disaster recovery, emergency management and related disciplines. We have members representing all of these areas who contribute immeasurably to the association.


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