The Business Recovery Managers Association, BRMA, is a professional trade organization devoted to the advancement and practice of business recovery planning and contingency planning. BRMA provides its members with:

An environment in which to disseminate information on the latest trends and technologies in business recovery planning

Our challenge as an organization is to provide the necessary foundation and structure for training and expertise, as well as in information exchange to individuals who are in this focused area of specialty.

I’m new to the Organization and would like some background information about BRMA.

BRMA began in 1993 as a non-profit association. On November 1995, BRMA became incorporated under California Non-Profit Corporations. Meetings are held once a month at various locations. Membership meetings feature knowledgeable speakers and hands-on workshops. Topical information and reference materials are available.

Our programs promote knowledge sharing for all levels of expertise. BRMA strives to provide useful tools that the members can apply to their jobs, and to their professional growth. Membership feedback guides the Board of Directors in planning the organization's activities.

How is BRMA governed?

The activities of the organization are directed by the elected officers (President, Secretary, Finance Director, Membership Director, Program Director, Promotions Director and Ad-Hoc Committee Chair) to meet the specific needs of the local membership. There are several documents which govern the activities of BRMA. These include Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Code of Ethics, California Non-Profit Rules and the BRMA Operating Standards, Policies, and Guidelines.

How can I become involved in BRMA activities?

There are numerous opportunities to become involved.

  • Accepting an appointment as a one of numerous Coordinators who assist the officers and directors with their duties.
  • Through out the year, there are other opportunities to become involved as a volunteer either working on or accepting the chair of an Ad-Hoc Committee.
  • We are constantly looking for meeting facilities for our BRMA monthly meetings.
  • We welcome contributions to the BRMA Reporter, our newsletter.

There are other opportunities for involvement. They will be announced at the meetings and in the newsletter or please ask any Board member about current opportunities.

So, how can I get the names of the Board Members?

On our website, www.brma.com, under the “Board” tab, is a listing of all officers and appointed positions. The website provides an e-mail link to all.

Who makes up BRMA membership?

BRMA members are professionals in the private and public sectors involved in planning for unforeseen interruptions in businesses and economic communities and come from a wide array of businesses types and responsibilities. Some of the jobs/positions held by BRMA members are:

  • Corporate or department planners
  • Vendors of recovery products, services and supplies
  • Educators, consultants and others with responsibilities related to contingency planning.

Our members live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area and even as far away as the Central Valley.

Does BRMA have an official Mission Statement and stated goals?

The mission of BRMA is to provide:

  • Outstanding leadership to the Business Continuity profession and industry
  • An environment that facilitates information exchange among Business Continuity professionals and related disciplines
  • Educational opportunities to members; promoting awareness and development
  • Information related to industry products and associated services

The goals and objectives are to:

  • Promote the presence and reputation of the profession, by providing a high-quality, credible organization that promotes the best interests of the Business Continuity profession
  • Provide leadership in the area of the Business Continuity profession
  • Become a leading organization in the definition of Business Process Continuity Management.
  • Promote an active and involved membership

Could you tell me a little more about the BRMA deliverables?

We are very proud of the variety and usefulness of the BRMA deliverables. Here’s a indication of some of the deliverables provided to the membership.

  • The BRMA Brief is published monthly to give members a quick review of coming BRMA events in a PDA friendly format. The Brief highlights interesting features of the BRMA website, introduces new members and provides a forum for announcements from the Board to the membership.
  • The BRMA Newsletter, our quarterly newsletter is a wealth of information. It contains a message from our President, a recap of the most recent meeting, articles by various members, upcoming events related to business recovery, an listing of the Board and appointees and much, much more!
  • BRMA has a large collection of materials available for loan to BRMA members. Check out the library list at www.brma.com.
  • We post job opportunities, support a page on the website where members can post their resume, offer a repository of documents (such as speaker’s PowerPoint presentations), ad hoc committee reports and deliverables, job descriptions, a membership list, etc.
  • We recently added a Vendor/Consultant page to our website for use by the membership. It provides an opportunity for the Vendor/Consultant member to “advertise” their products and services without violating the Code of Ethics. If you are a Vendor/Consultant, we encourage you to avail yourself of this opportunity to promote your business.
  • The BRMA website is one of the most widely used deliverables BRMA offers. Please take a few minutes to look around in the site. Now that you are a member, you should have received the User ID and Password to permit access to the “Members Only” section. This is where you will find most of the deliverables listed above.


We hope that this orientation has answered some of the questions you might have as a new member. However, if you have other questions, you are invited to contact any of the Board members for additional information.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..