All members of the Business Recovery Managers Association and their guests in conjunction or connection with any BRMA activity, shall:

  • Abide by the code of ethics, bylaws, and policies of the organization.

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  • Register at all BRMA meetings and activities.

  • Not engage in sales activities or solicitation.

  • Not conduct any other activity contrary to the mission and objectives of BRMA.

  • Not distribute any materials or post displays of any kind at BRMA activities without the prior approval from the Board of Directors.

  • Use the membership mailing list only for contacting other members to discuss business continuity planning and official BRMA business. The membership list may not be used for sales or solicitation purposes.

  • Not use the BRMA name other than in the conduct of BRMA business, as determined by the bylaws and/or the Board of Directors.