BRMA tries to provide benefits and services of significant value to its members. Let us tell you about a few of our deliverables.


Meetings Monthly meetings are the primary benefit of membership:

  • Excellent speakers, often known leaders in their field
  • Networking opportunities with planners, vendors, experts
  • Contingency planning discussions with peers
  • Experienced planners who have real-world answers to the toughest questions

Our Past Meetings page illustrates this benefit of BRMA membership.

More information about our meetings is available on the Events page.

"I appreciate the opportunity to attend BRMA meetings. From day to day, I tend to get bogged down in details and drama. In the trenches every day, I lose sight of the big picture and feel like an isolated bastion of BCP zeal. The BRMA meetings remind me of the fundamental principles and provide a community of colleagues with similar concerns." — Sandy Chen, Sun Microsystems

Newsletter and Brief

The BRMA Newsletter and BRMA BRIEF are official published communications of BRMA.

The BRMA Newsletter

  • Is issued quarterly
  • Contains articles and features from the BRMA Membership and Board
  • Also contains news of the association
  • Is the one of the many communication channels to keep members informed

The BRMA Brief

  • Is issued monthly in a brief, email friendly format
  • Contains BRMA calendar events and other time sensitive information
  • Is the one of the many communication channels to keep members informed

Additional Deliverables

In addition, we post job opportunities, a repository of documents, ad hoc committee reports and deliverables, job descriptions, a membership list, discussion board, etc.