2016 BRMA Award of Excellence:  Monika Stoeffl

Fiona Raymond-Cox gave the following speech before presenting Monika Stoeffl with the 2016 BRMA Award of Excellence.

It must be 3-4 years since I first met the recipient of this award. We were leaving the Alamaeda EOC having attended a fascinating BRMA meeting with the focus on active shooters. At the time, the recipient was a newly minted member of BRMA.

Since then, the recipient has demonstrated tremendous support of our association and the business continuity profession as a whole. And done it with such gusto!

Monika Stoeffl is the Executive Director of the California Resiliency Alliance which “fosters regional resiliency by connecting the public and private sectors through partnerships and information sharing” across California. Through that organization, and an alliance with the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC), she provides a tremendous amountof support for CaliforniaFirst, which includes the Financial Sector Business Continuity coalitions BARCfirst in Northern California, CenCalfirst in Central California, and SoCalirst in Southern California. That includes, among many other things, providing leadership under the Chair, Peter Ohtaki, and producing the organization’s newsletter.

Monika is currently the President of the Bay Area chapter of the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) where she previously held other positions including Program Director and Secretary. She has also contributed a great deal of support to BRMA, including being the current Newsletter Editor and a Board Appointee.

Monika works with the Southern California Critical Lifelines Work group, the Bay Area Center for Disaster Resilience, and the San Mateo Private Sector Advisory Council. She has also done work toward coordinating cross-sector information sharing for the Super Bowl and staffing of the private sector rep positions in the Santa Clara County and San Mateo County EOCs. She is a frequent presenter at BC conferences and organizational meetings regarding many aspects of Business Continuity, already including four different presentations in 2016. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she is also coordinating jointly with the FS-ISAC to produce a full day regional coalition workshop, supporting Riverside County in establishing a Business Operations Center, setting up a Private Sector Advisory Council in Humboldt County, and coordinating with the USGS on private sector outreach and engagement for the Haywired scenario project.

Barry Cardoza said that he used to think he was busy until he met Monika. Then, he was like “OMG - how can she possibly juggle so many contributions to the Business Continuity profession so effectively?!?” I wholeheartedly agree.

It is with great pleasure, and justly deserving, that I present the BRMA 2016 Award for Excellence in Business Recovery to Monika Stoeffl.

The BRMA Award for Excellence is presented annually to a professional or organization that shows excellence in the advancement of the theory and practice of business recovery, disaster recovery, contingency and continuity planning, and emergency response management.

The award is given to recipients who have demonstrated the following attributes:

  • A commitment to excellence in the field of business continuity.
  • An established business continuity program.
  • Promotion of business continuity practices within the organization through awareness and education programs and by the allocation of resources.
  • Participation in activities that promote business continuity in the community and with other businesses.

Recipients of the BRMA's Award for Excellence do not have to be members of BRMA, but they need to be nominated by a member of BRMA. Please forward any nominations to a BRMA board member.

Past Award of Excellence recipients have included:

  • 2015 — Dick Evans (EBMUD)
  • 2014 — Ernst and Young (EY)
  • 2013 — East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
  • 2012 — San Francisco Department of Emergency Management
  • 2011 — San Francisco CARD (Community Agencies Responding to Disaster)
  • 2010 — BOMA (Building and Owners and Managers Association) Emergency Preparedness Committee
  • 2009 — Peter Ohtaki, BENS
  • 2008 — Barbara Davi, PMI Mortgage Insurance
  • 2007 — Genentech
  • 2006 — Barry Cardoza, Union Bank of California
  • 2005 — Mary Clare Bennett, CMP Media
  • 2004 — Dave Morgan, Zenith Insurance Company
  • 2003 — John Laye, Contingency Management Consultants
  • 2002 — Shirley Ono, Macy's West
  • 2001 — San Francisco Ready
  • 2001 — Jeanne Perkins, Earthquake Program Manager for ABAG
  • 2000 — Terry Gitlin, Santa Clara County OES
  • 1999 — Regina Phelps, Emergency Management & Safety Solutions
  • 1998 — Levi Strauss & Company
  • 1997 — UC Extension Emergency Preparedness Planning and Management Certification Course
  • 1996 — Chevron
  • 1995 — Charles Schwab
  • 1994 — Pacific Bell



2016 BRMA President's Service Award:  Lisa Trousdale

Dick Evans, BRMA’s 2016 President, gave the following speech when he presented the President’s Service Award to Lisa Trousdale:

It is with great honor that the BRMA 2016 President’s Service Award goes to Lisa Trousdale of Ernest & Young...

Lisa is the Global Business Continuity Leader in Global Security for Ernst & Young. To quote Lisa’s Ernest & Young bio: “Lisa isan industry leader with a passion for empowering management and people with the confidence to mitigate and manage disruptive events that threatens to impact people, the workplace, or the business”.

In the many years I’ve known Lisa she is very passionate about Business Continuity Planning and Emergency Preparedness. Lisa has 25+ years of experience with various organization in developing and implementing enterprise risk management solutions, mitigation and recovery strategies, emergency response and business continuity plans. Lisa is also recognized by Disaster Recovery Institute International as a Master Business Continuity Planner and is a Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute (FBCI). Lisa was also invited to join the Business Continuity & Crisis Management Council, serving on their Executive Committee.

Lisa has brought this breath of knowledge and experience to BRMA in every position she has occupied. She served as President for 4 years (2 terms), prior to that she was on the board as Information Resources Coordinator and now serves in the same role. During her 2 terms as President the organization’s membership grew, she challenged the Board to be engaged, and the monthly programs were thought provoking and well attended. As Information Resources Coordinator, she continues to stay actively involved providing great support to the BRMA Board of Directors and appointees. This is rare; in most cases when someone has served as many years in a variety of Board positions, they slip quietly away. Lisa is not wired that way. Her success over the years is directly related to her passion for the industry and the BRMA organization to be successful.

It gives me great pleasure to award Lisa Trousdale with the BRMA 2016 President’s Service Award.

The BRMA Board of Director’s have the opportunity to recognize a member’s outstanding contribution to the organization by awarding them the BRMA President’s Service Award. The definition of what contribution merits the award is defined by the current serving Board. The nomination is made by a Board member or directly by the President. A majority vote secures the nomination and the Promotions Director orders the award and manages the presentation at the Annual Meeting. There is not a requirement to make this award each year.

Past President's Service Award recipients have included:

  • 2015 — Monika Stoeffl
  • 2012 — Jeff Fenton
  • 2011 — Miriam Meeker
  • 2011 — Barry Cardoza
  • 2009 — Dick Evans
  • 2008 — Teresa Urekew